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Nydhu's Deadly Brews

Warning : Brews are severely alcoholic. Imbibe with caution.

Klingon Blood Wine #1 (original):
Sloe Gin [red] or red wine - 8 parts
Strawberry Liqueur [red] - 3 parts
Sweet Vermouth - 2 parts
Cranberry Juice - 2 parts
Triple Sec - 1 part
Gin or Vodka or Rum - 1 part
Cloves - soak in vodka (or whatever) for 3-5 days, filter.
Cinnamon - optional
Klingon Blood Wine #2 (spicy):
50-70% Red wine (darker is better.. eg, merlot)
10-30% Port or Sherry or Vermouth or Marsala
5-20% some berry liqueur or schnapps or juice
5% Vodka or gin or rum (for soaking spices in)
spices: clove (1 tsp per liter), cinnamon (1/2 tsp)
optional: cardamom (1/4 tsp)
Klingon Blood Wine #3 (tart & sweet):
Blackberry Merlot 5 parts
Port 5 parts
Jagermeister 2 parts
Angostura 0.25 parts
Cream Sherry 1 part
Rum 1.5 parts
Wilderberry Schnapps 1 part
Raspberry Pucker 0.5 parts

#1: If strawberry liquer is unavailable, substitute with raspberry schnapps.
Filtering can be done with coffee filter or mesh strainer.
#2: Quantities and ingredients can be modified to taste.
Minimum alcohol content must be at least 15% for long term storage.
Romulan Ale:

2 parts "Maui" Blue Hawaiian schnapps
2 parts "Seagrams" gin
2 parts vodka
1 part Triple Sec
Blue food coloring as needed

Romulan Ale #2:

Blueberry Schnapps 1 part
Seagram's Blue Beast 1 part
Seagram's Gin 1 part
may add 30-40% water prior to serving
Also blue coloring 1-2 drops

Cardassian K'Nar (original recipie, 1999):
8 shots "Loch Dhu" single malt scotch whiskey (now unavailable)
12oz Black Chocolate Stout [let the bubbles escape]
2 shots Tiramisu and Irish Mist
3 shots Kahlua
2 tsps cardamom [soak in 2 shots gin or vodka 5-7 days, filter.]

K'nar II (simplified version, 2001):
'MacCallan' or 'Bowmore Darkest' or 'Talisker' scotch 1 1/2 cups
brown Chocolate liq. 1/2 cups
Coffee Liq. 1/2 cup
McEwans scotch ale or Guinness 12 oz
2 tsp cardamom [soak in scotch - as above]

Jahak Dalut (created 2000):
1 cup Anisette or Sambuca
1/2 cup Laphroaig single malt scotch
2 shots Everclear or equivalent
1 shot red Vermouth
1 shot Triple Sec
spices: soak all this in some Laphroaig overnight
1 pinch cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp wasabi (horseradish) powder (optional)
1/3 tsp star anise (not needed if sambuca is used)
1/2 to 1 tsp cardamom
5 cloves
1 tsp licorice chips (not needed if sambuca is used)
Dip a green tea bag in this for 1 hour, and remove (optional)

Milligan's Fancy (created 2001):
Irish cream 5 parts
Vanilla schnapps 3 parts
Coffee Liq. 2 parts

Deadly Nyghtshade (created 2001):
Melon liq 5 parts
apple pucker 3 parts
triple sec 3 parts
angostura (brand) 3 tsp per liter
Rum extract of Feverfew, Nettles, Ginseng, Gota Kola, cardamom
green food coloring 15 drops per liter
*may serve mixed with 50% mountain dew*

Nydhu's Nectar (created 2001):
Buttershot 2 parts
dark chocolate liq 1/2 part
Irish cream 1 part (float)

Note on Irish Cream:
Ryan's Cream sucks - do not use it. Carolan's is ok.

Mystery of the Fourwinds (created 2001):
Coffee liq.
Grand Marnier
Melon liq.

Nico's drink (made by Nico):
Grand Marnier 1 part
Brown chocolate liq 1 part

Black Death (created 2001):
Black sambuca 40%
Akavit 40%
Angostura 10%
Cardamom and clove extracted in akavit
Burnt cardamom extract 10%

Burnt Cardamom Extract (created 2001):
Get a flame proof container, set it on stove, take some cardamon seeds (whole if possible), turn off the smoke detector, get a blowtorch, turn the stove on, CHAR the cardamom BLACK. Then douse the flames by dumping in jar and closing lid. When cool, add single malt scotch or vodka.

Loch Dhu replica (created 2001):
Get oak wood, cut it to small chips. Soak it in sherry for at least 1 week. Dry. CHAR as in above proceedure. Cool, and add single malt scotch of choice (Oban, Bowmore Darkest, etc). Sit 1-2 weeks. Filter.

Spiced Sleepy-time Wine (created 2002):
Tawny port 2 parts
Marsala 2 parts
Red wine 1 part
Extract of...
clove, cinnamon, cardamom (for flavor)
nutmeg, kava kava, valerian (for sedation)
*use vodka cut with water for extraction*

Dragon's Blood (created 2002):
Lingonberry liquor (Lillehammer) 2 parts
Wilderberry schnapps 2 parts
Raspberry schnapps 1 parts
Glayva 1 part
Angostera 1/2 part

Jolly Roger (2003):
Raspberry Pucker
Apple pucker
Wilderberry Schnapps
Blueberry Schnapps
Peach Pucker
all in equal quantities

Black Ice [created in honor of Danielle Thompson]:
5 parts Butterscotch schnapps
4.25 parts Kahlua
3/4 parts Rumpleminz
[mix, and serve over 1 or 2 cubes of ice]

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All drinks are original creations by Nydhu/SuZilla unless otherwise stated.

Last update: 02/22/2003

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