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Nydhu's Death Methods Page

Warning: Do NOT read if you are easily offended, or a pro-lifer, or some other conservative idiot. I warned you.

FURTHER WARNING: If you are depressed and contemplating suicide, look in your local phone book for a hotline, call it, and get some fucking help before you do something totally stupid. If you are too pathetic to have a phonebook, then just dial 911.

Nydhu rambles:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease:
The easiest way to kill someone who has COPD and is a Co2 retainer is to turn up the oxygen. Yes, up. If you are in the hospital, turn down the alarms, and turn up the oxygen. You drift off into sleep, and hopefully do not wake up.

Overdosing with Tylenol (acetaminophen):
Take LOTS of tylenol (at least 4g), then drink a lot of your favourite alcohol, and for good measure take some sleeping pills. Make sure no one calls 911 on your behalf, and do not go to the ER. Wait 3 days. Die of liver failure. Not the best way to die, but fairly easy to do.

Slitting Wrists:
Stupid thing to do. Does not really work, and it is too easy to damage your median nerve.

Gun is needed, and use at least a .38 bullet or bigger. Put muzzle in mouth, aim very slightly up (aim for the back of your head), pull trigger. VERY MESSY, and not very considerate of others.

Falling from a great height:
At least 6 stories high - more is better. Get to a roof, get really drunk, and jump or fall. Again a messy and inconsiderate method.

Air Embolus:
This method needs a LOT of air to be injected very quickly. At least use a 60cc syringe. May not work, but if it does is a rather painless way to go.


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