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Nydhu's Politically Incorrect Statements

Warning: Do NOT read if you are easily offended. If you do read it and are offended, I DON'T want to hear about it...that is your own damn fault.

Guns control crime. Guns do not kill people - it is people who kill people. So long as the bad guys have guns, I want the biggest and best I can buy.

Normality is a myth.

We are all born slaves, and so remain until we set ourselves free.
If you are employed, you are a slave to your boss. You earn your company about 3 times the value of the wages you are paid.

Anyone who is not a tax payer and on welfare is a second class citizen, who should not be allowed voting rights or be allowed to sue anyone.

Medical technology has gotten to the point where we can keep corpses alive if we so choose. At what point are we going to say enough is enough?
There is a time to live and a time to die. The world is over-populated, and there is no point prolonging death.

If someone is old or infirm and wants to end their life, that should be their right, and we should throw them a party and help them do it. Why do we prolong our misery and their by forcing them to live?

Some people should be 'fixed' at birth. Others should have a restricted license to breed. Anyone with a genetic defect that can be passed on should be allowed only to adopt.

If a baby is born brain damaged, it should be allowed to die. In ancient cultures, leaving substandard infants to the elements was the norm. Now, we keep alive things that are marginally more alive than vegetables and we call it progress?

Sexual offenders sould be rendered permanently impotent.

Xena should be president. She would do a much better job.

Impatience and laziness together make for a close approximation of efficiency.


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