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Runefire Custom Bracers

Standard colors : black leather with nickel/silver colored hardware.

Bracers are made to fit the pattern you provide.

We also do real custom work, so feel free to talk to us.

How to order a bracer:

Step One:

Choose one bracer type [base charge]:
  • 3" pair, basic : $9
  • 3.5" pair, basic: $10
  • 4" pair, basic : $11
  • 5" pair, basic : $12
  • 6" pair, basic : $13
  • 6" pair, contoured : $14
  • 7" pair, contoured : $16
  • 8" pair, contoured : $18

Heavy leather, with 2 D-ring straps.

Step Two:

Choose one closure (calculate based on one bracer - second bracer free):




Speed Lacers

D-ring strap

Step Three:

Choose one lining (soft leather, color varies):

Step Four:

Choose weight of leather:
  • Oil tan : add nothing
  • Vegetable tan (4-5 oz): add $0.60 per inch length
  • Wax hardened Vegetable tan (4-5 oz): add $1.60 per inch length
  • Heavy Vegetable (10 oz): add $0.75 per inch length
  • Wax hardened Heavy Vegetable (10 oz): add $1.75 per inch length

Wax hardening is done using bees wax or water. It makes the leather much stiffer, to withstand blunt blows better. Wax hardened leather CANNOT BE LINED. Vegetable tan is a hardish leather, suited for armor, and not recommended for dress/comfort wear.

Step Five:

add Shipping/Handling $4.50

Step Six:

Making the pattern:

I will also need from you a paper pattern so I can make the bracer to fit.Take a piece of paper, wrap it around your forearm pretty snug, then tape it. Using a pair of scissors, cut it from the wrist up. You should end up with a paper pattern that looks roughly like a bracer. Edges can then be trimmed so that it fits you perfectly - this is the pattern I work from, and what you give me is what you get.

Extra options:


Both patterns are 1 inch wide. The round celtic knot looks better than the square.
Other available options include studs and dogspikes.

All prices may be subject to change without notice. Payment by check or money order is expected before work begins.

Waiting time can vary from 2-10 weeks after receipt of payment. When you place your order, feel free to ask what the estimated current delivery time is.

Bracer order / inquiries

E-mail us and cut and paste the options you want. We had a form but it was not working well.

After details have been confirmed by e-mail, mail your printed / written order with paper pattern and payment to:

484 McKee Ave
Monessen, PA 15062

Include all your pertinent information (address, name, phone, e-mail) and any little drawings or diagrams you think will help if you want something a little different.

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