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01] Lovin' every moment
02] Take the Village!
03] Gabrielle:Warrior Bard
05] Beware: Obsessed Xenite
06] HARDCORE NUTBALL XENITE (term coined by Lucy Lawless herself)
07] I [love] Xena
08] I have many skils
09] Forget the Chakram beware of owner
10] I brake for Warrior Princesses
11] Here comes trouble...
12] You got this close because I let you
13] Xena for President
14] Amazons Rule!
15] I [love] Callisto

All stickers copyright of Runefire/SuZilla 1995-2000

All stickers are in stock! Orders will be filled and mailed as they arrive. But once supply is gone, there will be no more!

These are quality factory printed bumperstickers, and for use indoors or outdoors.

Color is purple letters on white background. Numbers 3 & 11 are green,
and 7 & 16 are black/red.

$2 per sticker. (Buy 5 get 1 extra free!)

Shipping free within continental USA via 1st class mail.

All funds should be in US$. Out of US orders please add a dollar or two for higher cost of shipping.

We will accept only legibly written/printed orders - please include your complete mailing address, the name to mail to, your e-mail, phone number, as well as the title and quantity of the stickers you want.

Su Fairchild
484 McKee Ave
Monessen, PA 15062

Or use PayPal

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Please follow up with an e-mail specifying which exact stickers you want.

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