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Runefire Jewelry

1] Chakram pendant

Basic info:

Pendents are made by an expert jeweler who makes celtic jewelry.
The standard model comes in solid sterling silver.
Other models with gold plated interior, and blue/green enameled dots are also available. Please e-mail us for more details.

Variations on wearing:
1] plain - you loop the chain through it
2] within a ring - Pendent spins freely through a wire loop, then your chain goes through the wire loop
3] fixed [shown]- a bail is soldered to it, and your chain goes through the bail - this will not spin freely

Please note that chains are not included, but can be ordered.

$48 plus shipping - silver without enamel
$50 plus shipping - silver with enamel
$74 plus shipping - silver with gold plate and enamel
$314 plus shipping - 14K with enamel
$335 plus shipping - 14K with white plate and enamel

Shipping is $4 for 1 to 2 pendents, then add $0.50 for each additional piece

Coming soon....
Sword pendant!

How to order:
Send check or money order to Runefire. Please have *in writing* your name, mailing address, e-mail, how many, which variation, and the math. If ordering at this time, allow a couple months for delivery.

2] Bracelets and Armbands

Spiral twists:
Several styles, custom made.
Copper $15 each, Sterling silver $35 each.

Shipping $2 for one, $3 two or more.

E-mail Runefire

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