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Amazon War Staff

These are handcrafted individually for your height.

Everything is done by hand, so allow for minor variation from the jpg's shown.

Prices include shipping by Priority Post within continental US. Express/overnight Mail is $18 extra.
Overseas shipping is available at current postal rates.
Canada: add $5, UK: add $14.

Standard woodstain is brown, but black is available by request.
The small additional cost of black stain reflects the additional work required for that stain.

Black rabbit fur and several limited colors of artificial fur may be substituted for the regular trim at no additional cost.
Special arrangements can be made for other variations.

Close-up of wool.
Close-up of fur.
Option: fabric wrap in middle of staff. Available in Pattern or solid Green (Pattern shown)

Electronic Order Form

Printable Order Form [also cut and paste]:

Name: E-mail: Address: City: State/Zip: Phone:( ) your height [feet/inches]: ___ brown regular $53 ___ white rabbit fur ___ black regular $57 ___ black rabbit fur ___ brown with pattern fabric: $63 ___ off-white wool ___ black with pattern fabric: $68 ___ ___ brown with green fabric: $63 ___ ___ black with green fabric: $68 ___


Runefire requires payment by check or money order in advance.
Our mailing address will be given you once your pre-order is received, or if you e-mail us with an order. If you e-mail us and no responce is received within 72 hours, then it is likely we did not get your message.
Please include your name, e-mail, phone, address, and height on a 8x11 piece of paper with payment.

Allow 8-15 weeks for delivery after we receive your order with payment by mail.

How to care for your staff:

The main thing is to store your staff horizontally, and not prop it standing up against the wall for long periods of time. This is because doing so can cause wood to warp.
If you like you can periodically clean the wood with wax or wood polish.

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