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Personal info:

Age: I don't get carded anymore...
Gender: Female
Sunsign: Leo
Religion: Dianic Wicca
Alignment: Mostly chaotic good, sometimes neutral, worse if provoked
Car: '94 teal Geo Prism with 2 bumperstickers



Food: seafood (raw or cooked), venison, lamb, anything spicy, gummy bears.
Alcoholic beverages: LochDhu, ale, Guinness
Colors: BLACK, purple, green, red
Clothing: Gap(TM) jeans, black leather boots, anything black and leather
Music: Celtic, Medieval/Renaissance, and filk
Celtic Bard: Heather Alexander
Songs by Heather: March of Cambreadth, Yo Ho, Black Jack's Lady
Celtic Band: Tempest
TV: Xena and StarTrek


Martial arts: Karate, TaeKwonDo and Aikido
Weapons: all kinds, but mostly medieval/fantasy swords and knives
Fave weapons: the bat'leth (Klingon sword), the staff, double daggers
Reading: Fiction, fantasy or sci-fi - mostly by women about women
Fave authors: Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffray, Marion Zimmer Bradley
Organizations: SCA, Renee O'Connor's fan club, Heather's Heathens, Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild

TV appearences:

Many years ago as an amateur actor in a brief educational piece on Singapore TV.
In 1996 on Singapore national TV concerning the first Singapore Xenafest.
And Nov '97 on the WPIX/WPSG News at 10 concerning the Valley Forge Xena Convention.

Brief Resume:

Graduated (BSc) from Bemidji State University, Bemidji, Minnesota
Had some post-grad stuff
Co-coordinator, Pittsburg '96 Xenafest
Co-coordinator, Singapore Xenafest June '97
Panelist, Balticon '97
Staff, WarriorCon '97
Co-chair, ZonCon '98

Suitable Gifts:

Best not to attempt to give me anything as I am extremely fussy and have strange tastes. However if you somehow have a burning desire to do so, a bottle of LochDhu is always a safe bet, as are gummy bears. Other options include the latest publication featuring some Xena article, or dark chocolate [however SuZilla generally does not like candy]. I can also always use 200 or 400 speed film for my camera, black leather dye, quality blank VCR tapes [not TDK], liquid laundry detergent, toilet paper, and size AA or AAA rechargeable batteries. Sharp and deadly objects [preferably of steel] in all sizes are also acceptable. Absolutely no flowers unless I can eat them or they can be made into poison [in which case you must provide the method as well].

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