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Klingon Blood Wine

Klingon "Taste of Victory" Blood Wine:

The sweetness is the taste of victory, and the fruit of a glorious battle. Alcohol content is about 18-24%.

Sloe Gin [red]- 8 parts
Strawberry Liqueur [red] - 3 parts
Sweet Vermouth - 2 parts
Cranberry Juice - 2 parts
Triple Sec - 1 part
Seagram's Gin - 1 part
Cloves - soak in gin, filter gin, use gin, toss cloves
Cinnamon - optional

Romulan Ale:

Like a Romulan...smooth to the taste, but burning down the throat.

Alcohol content 25%

8 parts "Maui" Blue Hawaiian schnapps
2 parts "Seagrams" gin
2 parts Rumple Minze
1 part Triple Sec
1 part lime juice - concentrate works well

Serve well chilled. Dry ice optional.

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