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Pennsic page

This is a private Pennsic page for Nico's camp.

MAIN ITEMS Tent Air mattress Tarp for under the tent A fire extinguisher for each tent A flashlight for each tent Pepper spray for each tent [best is the new one by ASP] GENERAL STUFF FOR THE CAMP (Alot of this stuff can be found in Thrift Stores. Keep your eyes open) Coolers Alcohol Little tables for around the campfire (so people quit kicking my beer over) A shovel ~SD (Brid has the shovel) Batteries for the flashlights and lanterns Tiki torches (what do ya think?) Anything that would accent the appearance of the camp (wrought iron accents, etc.) ~(Brid has 2 wrought iron candlabras that hang, 4 candles each, and a wrought iron chandelier, 6 candles) Rope (for hanging things, clothes lines, prisoners) Water and Gatorade (that stuff can be bought way in advance) BIG STUFF (NICO'S LIST)- -Propane grill w/side burners -Dining canopy -Changing tent for our clothes (N - got it, and a clothes rack) -Picnic table and benches -Viking chairs (N - I have two done so far, B - has one) -Bar (oh yeah, a huge necessity) -Entrance gate (Brid, I need a design for this) -Shower set-up KITCHEN STUFF (Again, a lot from Thrift stores or Dollar Stores) -Garbage bags -Aluminum foil/plastic wrap -Ziploc bags (all sizes) and plastic containers -Bowls -Ketchup/mustard/salt/pepper -Wire dish rack and 2 plastic dish pans -Pots (big ones) and general cookware and utensils -Plastic cups / plates / silverware -Plastic or wooden shelves for the kitchen area (check the Thrift stores for selves that unscrew) NYGHTSHADE's LIST First Aid kit / general medications / laceration kit Big Sharp cutting tool / weapon Klingon Bloodwine Kardassian K'nar Loch Dhu single malt scotch Alcohol [gin, vodka, etc.. whatever is needed] Cooler - at least one Etc ALEXANDRIA's LIST Several tiki torches (I always say the more the merrier). Hopeing to get a bigger tent for Christmas so we can use my 8 X 8 for food. I have a 12 X 12 pavilion, coolers, candles (there's a whole saler near here and I can get them cheap), candles holders, hose (50 ft), camp chairs, plenty of Captain's Wench and a possible camp slave (big, strong man named Chuck). YUCK / YUM LIST NICO - - I don't do: mushrooms, blue cheese, fish or seafood, whisky (usually), Sambuka, Southern Comfort, - I want: Captain's Wench and Suz's Bloodwine and that Merlot Brid had last year BRID- - I don't do Cow, Swine, or Chicken; generally I avoid whiskey and rum - ya'all can drink and eat whatever ya want, whatever makes you merry ::smile:: SU / NYGHTSHADE - - YUCK: cooked fish, raw onions, raw vegetables, overly sweet stuff. - YUM: mead, ale, spicy stuff, raw fish, jerky, lamb, beef, deer, mushrooms... ALEXANDRIA - - YUM: Meat, alcohol, but I eat and drink what I like and ignor the rest - YUCK: vodka

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