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Armour, ready made: The Armour Store, Ice Falcon, Ironhart, Chivalry Sports, Lonely Mtn Forge, Maspien.

Beeswax for leather: 1-800-GLORY-BE

Buckles: Leather Factory

Leather (vegetable tan): 1-877-728-5551, Leather Factory 1-800-233-7155(PA)/800-433-3201(TX)

Ratten: 'Ratten and Wicker' 612-591-1570 Request 'SCA fighting rattan'

Stainless Butt Rings for chainmail: Rosco 1-800-794-8357 Ask for a sample if you like.

Swords, ready made: The Armour Store 1-800-205-7648 ,Swordarmory, Early Medieval Weapons, Arms and Armor

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