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Time Unknown

In ancient lore of a time unknown, In distant lands unseen, Are glorious halls of the elven lords, And holds of the dwarven kings. T'were times of war and times of glory, And times of heroes bold, Who ventured forth in search of honor, And fame to be sung in song. On mountains towering to the clouds, Live dragons and their kin, Whose treasure hordes of golden gleam, Are more than men can dream. This world is sundered across the veil Of doubt and disbelief, But sometimes, in a magic dream The veil parts to let us in. The elves have sailed across the seas, The dwarves, they blended in. And dragons, with magic donned our guise, To walk amongst us unseen. So heed when wisdom comes your way, And help is offered free, You never know if who stands beside Is one of the elder race.

copyrighted 21 August 2000

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