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Nydhu on Threshold

Threshold is an online RPG MUD for mature players.

Nydhu is an evil dryad mage in the world of Threshold.

If you are asking how come there is such a thing as an evil dryad, then obviously you are still young in the ways of the world...

Listen to what Nydhu has to say...

"I care for little in the city of Sable...
Not my guildmates, nor religion, much less the backside that warms the throne.

I revel in the hunt, and in the slaying of innocents.
Joy... is the last gasping breath of my foe as I open its belly with a razor dagger and cut me a slice of warm bloody liver. Joy... is the high scream of the boy child as I torture it as it dies.
The scent of death is such sweet perfume...

Only one thing matters to me in sister Nico.
I may not always approve of the way she has to stop and chat with a half dozen useless people before finally getting to where she is supposed to be, nor the way she glances lustfully at every single cute male elf she sees, but I will answer to her call, and swiftly will I come.

For her, I will tolerate company, and be civil to her friends.
Her enemies...they are entertainment for me...."

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