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Nyghtshade Farfarer (Nydhu)

In the Society for Creative Anachronism [SCA], also known as the current middle ages, I am known as Nyghtshade Farfarer, but called Nydhu by friends.

Born under a different name in the Land of the Rising Sun, Nydhu travelled across the seas at a young age, to the land of the Setting Sun, and there studied their arts both of philosophy and war.
Upon completing her studies, and being afflicted with great wanderlust, she journeyed following the great trade route to Rome, and continued to travel, visiting many places including the land of the Vikings, and dwelling for a time in Erin.

Currently, Nydhu dwells in the Barony of Bhakail in the East Kingdom. Who knows where she will travel from here...

Nydhu has studied many styles of combat, both armed and unarmed. Some of her favourite weapons are axe, katana (long sword), wakizashi (short sword), and double daggers. She does not use thrown weapons, as she is lucky if she can hit the broadside of a barn from 10 paces. She is also a leathersmith, and enjoys mixing strong drink for unwitting victims.

Having borrowed fashion from many diverse places, Nydhu dresses with total disregard for anything but her whim, and may sometimes be perceived to be quite strangely garbed. She likes to have a good time, especially with good friends, and a good mug of ale.

Her best friend is Nico, also known as Klar. They met at a tavern during their travels, and have been friends ever since. Nico is a delightful imp, and together with Nydhu, much mischief is made.

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